What’s wrong with what the Council is proposing?

You can read more about the biodiversity, noise, light, traffic, climate change issues elsewhere on this site (see the Objections tab of the menu).

Aren’t you all just NIMBYs and BANANAs who are selfishly trying to benefit from the status quo

One of the standard smears used against campaigns like ours is that people are “anti-sport.” We are not anti-sport, many of us are actively involved in all kinds of sport. We just don’t think these proposals are good for ordinary people who currently use the fields, nor good for biodiversity or the climate.

What do you think should be done instead?

The Council could do a proper search for land that is not environmentally sensitive on which to build – with the British Baseball and Softball Associations – their pitches. They could revisit their plans to increase car parking. They could actually consult local residents properly (the extension of the period for consultation to Tuesday June 1st is welcomed).

How can I get involved, how can I find out more?

Contact us!