Last Chance to save Hough End

Stop the council from replacing grass and trees with plastic and concrete 

Send in your objection by 1st February 2022

You can also send in your objections by email to:

or by post to: Planning Team. Manchester City Council,  P.O. Box 532, Manchester M60 2LA,  quoting application number: 132513/VO/2021

4 thoughts on “Last Chance to save Hough End”

  1. I strongly objected to the last proposals and continue to do so now. The land was left for the use of local people by Lord Egerton, specifically as a ‘green space’, buildings only to be erected if absolutely necessary in times of war. This has already been contravened by the current sports facilities being built. There has been a chipping away of the legal wishes of the benefactor, the land, and access to it, for the locals it was meant to benefit. It is not the council’s land to choose what it feels the space is best used for. It is a much needed green space for locals and their children to enjoy. It is argued that the new buildings help combat obesity in children. How about investing in accessible non paid facilities instead? For example a cycle path, play areas, more picnic tables, safer crossings over the busy road to access Hough End, rather than adding to congestion with an even bigger car-park?
    I have just visited Hough End. The pool was full of children from a school. The bus they were delivered in was in the carpark with its engine still running. The rest of the building was fairly empty but the car park fairly full. I doubt it is local people using the facilities, the health benefits of the users offset by more emissions. A lot of building work was taking place too. Why do we need Astro turfed football pitches? Who do they really benefit? It’s easy to come up with worthy sounding health reasons for building them, however it is supremely difficult to regain the green space once it is lost. It also sets a precedent on building on what should be protected land. Most worrying of all though, is that current expansion is not the end, there are no guarantees it is. The more that is built, the stronger the claim to build more becomes. A genuine concern.

  2. Houghend is a great place for families,Children can play gamrs safely, dogs can be taken for walks and families can have picnics. this place should not be taken away from that.

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