Revised plans for Hough End released

Revised plans for Hough End Fields are currently being developed by Manchester City Council.

These plans were shown to the public last week during pre-application consultations.

Can you help Hough End Fields by giving your opinion on the revised plans?

Use the simple online action form below to give your opinion by Friday 10th December.

2 thoughts on “Revised plans for Hough End released”

  1. Leave the fields as they are . They do not belong to Manchester City Council to make them ££££££……… shame on this council.
    The fields were left for the people of Withington Manchester , not to be turned into PLASTIC pitches, just so the council to make fat profits.
    Shame on this council and all involved
    Paj Halpin

    1. Well said it’s about time people realised that the council are making money of land that’s isn’t there’s

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