This is not the place – a poem on Hough End and its threat from development….

This Is Not the Place

Left to the people of Manchester
Hough End is open and free.
The council want to fence it off
And charge the public a fee.
Walking isn’t exercise,
Dogs must not be found.
Why have grass when astroturf
Can make a pretty pound?
Baseball is the future.
Any fool can see.
We will leave you twenty acres,
You don’t need 83.
Never mind the wildlife,
That can go away.
What matters most is profit
So we have to make you pay.
While everyone’s distracted
We’ll give this plan a go.
We’ll have the land in our greedy hands
Before they even know.
The locals heard late in the day.
They are grieving for their loss.
“What do you want us to say?
We couldn’t give a toss.”

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